1. timepolice-art:

    Another round of torsos~ I tried to give this set a bit more variety in body type? Not an easy task, I suppose I still have a lot to learn.

    If you enjoy em, please use the idea to help you study. It helped me better understand anatomy while making these. Maybe you can learn from what I’ve studied.

    Also, any suggests on another reference sheet? Hands? Hats? Wings? I’ll do my best!

    Male torso reference here.

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  2. yumichicka asked: Hey, could you possibly link me your watercolour tutorial? :) For some reason, I can't find it anywhere. (u_u)


    Here’s the watercolor tutorial dear :)

    …If it’s too image-heavy, you can also find the full version hereimage










  3. harteus:

    i’ve had a few people asking me for skin colouring advices, so i decided to just touch upon the subject and show how i generally paint it, without going too much in depth, nor telling you “how to do it!!!” these are just some tips i’ve found useful, and it’s all really simple. 

    there are some minor lightning differences in the faces, but none of them are especially hard to work out, it’s mostly very straight-forward lightning. colour of course works differently in different settings, so this is just super simplified.

    i hope i was able to help somewhat! i still feel so strange offering art advices, because i know i’m in need of those too.

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  4. fucktonofanatomyreferences:

    A delightful fuck-ton of mermaid anatomy references.

    A bit of a talk-through; Consider how natural swimming is to mermaids/men. When swimming, they often won’t be utilizing their hands and arms to help them move forward, ‘cause they’re adept to using their tails and want to keep their arms free for multitasking. Of course there are situations where it’s required, like when fighting currents and twisting around. Because they’re swimming on a horizontal, their heads will be turned upward, just like if we humans were standing vertically looking up to the sky. Mer-peoples’ chests are often puffed outward, because the arms are typically pulled back behind them (just like when humans are told to “sit up straight and show good posture” by rolling the shoulders back). Do keep in mind that the GIFs above don’t show full tail movement, as human legs don’t bend outward; mer-tails will be like the side-to-side fish swimming motion, but flipped to the side (if that made any goddamn sense). Don’t forget they’ll be breathing underwater (and maybe on land, depending if you want to grant them that ability)! Are you giving ’em gills, or are the human lungs somehow acclimatized to breathing water? Think about whether you’re designing a mermaid for practicality or aesthetics; if it’s gonna be practical, their hair will more than likely be cut short or tied up, ‘cause, though swimming with long hair isn’t too difficult, it tangles wicked easily and can impede sight (in the ocean, a mere second can cost you). Of course we all like the long flowing hair (I do too), but that’s just something to think about. (Be aware that good haircuts on land might not be good underwater, and vice versa. Consider how the water will affect the hair movement.) And designing the fins, too. Think about whether you’re splicing them with another sea creature or if they’re a new design entirely. Think about how you want them to swim and how the fins will help that work. Also, depending on how “cultured” you want ‘em to be, they probably won’t be wearing clothing, because no other creature under the sea does. But, then again, they’ve been in contact with humans (otherwise there would be no myths and rumours), so maybe they took after us. Who knows. Just food for thought. (Merpeople can be creepy as fuck, too; they don’t have to be these gentle maidens.) And of course, there’s the reproductive/excretive system. If we assume mermaids take after whales, the genitalia will be just about ”mid-shin” level in front. Some people put it at the end of the tail (between the two fins), and some make the fish half disappear slightly at the waist to expose “human” genitalia. You can get creative with it, since they’re mythical creatures. Maybe their belly-buttons are also anuses. Who really knows. “What about merman genitalia?” Look up “male whale genitalia” on Google, or “male fish genitalia.” That might help.



    [From various sources]

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  5. ellensu:


    ** REBLOG AND WIN ** The Ultimate Megapack for Photoshop has been updated and now contains over 100 brushes for the same discounted price as the original pack. 

    This is my best-selling set and it includes a wide range of incredibly realistic pencils, inks, gouache, oil and acrylic brushes, as well as some FX brushes, erasers, blenders and smudge tools. There is even a perspective grid brush.

    THREE random Tumblr followers who reblog this post will win a free Megapack on Sunday, March 30th (Value: $13).

    Thanks for the support, artist friends, and happy painting to all!

    Some of you inquired about brushes. Well HERE’S SOME MORE. Used some a these for the LGAL wip piece i put up a few days ago. Looove em!

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  6. xfreischutz:

    I was going to review my french and linguistics but then this happened instead.
    Except it’s 3.30am so it’s half-assed. //shotdead

    But hopefully people will find this of use. \o/ Sorry this took so long, Anon, and I hope it answers your questions.

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  7. elijah120607:

    Chris Pine, Josh Duhamel, Aaron Paul, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund, Amie Hamer, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden, James Franco, Chris Hemsworth, and  Joseph Gordon-Levitt@Yu Tsai.

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  8. magweno:


    Plumpkins are also known as ambling loaf dragons and love to be pampered. They are expert at finding the warmest spot in a house and will lie there for hours soaking up the heat. Favourite food include daisies, azaleas and biscuits.

    Plumpkins are a collaborative art doll made by Magweno (me!) and designed by Pencakes. (She also drew the SUPER CUTE animation at the top!) They are mixed media art dolls with resin heads, wings and feet and soft, squashy, machine-stitched cuddlesoft bodies, measuring approximately 7” from floor to wing-tip and 10” from nose to tail. They have wire armatures so they can be repositioned, and are highly collectible

    PREORDER! - Reduced Price Throughout February!

    Preorder a Plumpkin Any time in February and get it at a reduced, introductory price! Your preordered Plumpkin will ship on the 7th March.

    You will get an embossed certificate of authenticity, a plumpkin postcard, beautiful business cards from Pencakes and I, and a sweet gift, all in a special magnetic lidded box with a plumpkins stamp!

    You can choose from the colours pictured above or choose your own colour scheme! Customisation available: Body colour, Tummy colour, Mane colour, horn colour, wing markings (stripes, spots or something different) and pawpad colour.

    When you’ve decided send an email to hello@magweno.com. I will guide you through the payment process and keep you up to date on the progress of your Plumpkin, as well as send you photos to check it’s coming out as you expected.

    GIVEAWAY! - Win a Custom Plumpkin for Free!

    You could win a custom plumpkin for FREE by entering the following giveaway competition! You can enter on either Facebook, Tumblr or both.

    1. You must be over 18 years old to enter.
    2. You must be comfortable giving me your address.
    3. You must be contactable either by a) tumblr ask box (so keep it open) or b) Facebook message
    4. Winner will be decided on the 28th February, 10:30pm GMT.
    5. I will cover global shipping costs!
    6. Winner will be picked via random number generator from the Facebook and Tumblr entries.
    7. You MUST respond within 24 hours of the message being sent or I will choose a new winner.

    How to enter on Tumblr

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    Magweno on DA | Magweno.com | Magweno Shop

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  9. WIP


  10. helpyoudraw:

    SAI brushes by Isihock

    (copied from artist’s comments)

    Thought I’d share some of my brushes since a couple of people have asked <3

    These are my favourites/the ones I use most C:

    1. Painting Brush: The Brush I use for most of my painting. It blends really nicely but you have to merge all your layers. It’s nice and smooth and especially good for grass, fur, and small details.

    2. Marker Tool: I mostly use the Marker tool for sketching, because it’s soft and subtle and lines just turn out so much nicer <3 Also good for bushes or leaves. (fav.me/d6v9lg6 as shown here) Picture above is a really bad example of what it is capable of, sorry ahaha :L

    3. Pencil Tool: Basically the same as the pen tool you automatically get in SAI, but with slightly changed settings for sharp, crisp and smooth lines C: I always use this one for lineart.

    4. Marker Tool #2: Completely different to marker tool one. I use this one to lay down my colours while painting and not much else. It blends ok. Reason I like it though because its really good to lay down the colours you’re going to use, as it’s slightly see through, without making it look messy.

    5. Acrylic Tool: I really need to rename my tools pff. Basically the same as the previous tool but with much better blending.

    6. Fur Tool: Although I’ve never actually found a use for this tool (sigh) it’d be really good for fur and I love the way it looks //v\ just haven’t found a use for it yet.

    7. Water Tool: Ahaha wow I use this tool way too much. I use it for getting my shading to look softer at some parts, I use it for blurring, blending, lighting, adding effects ect. ect. Its one of the tools that comes with Paint Tool SAI when you first get it but I think the settings are changed a bit.

    How to make new brushes in SAI

    Most of you probably already know how to make yourself brushes in SAI, but here it is just in case. Right click one of the light grey, empty boxes underneath your tools, and select a tool base. (for example pen, brush, marker, acrylic, eraser) This will be the starting point of your brush. then just edit the settings, and give it a name C:

    Feel free to make/use these C: